Post 1580: expensive toys…meh!

The early enthusiasm lasts a short time.

Put some effort into it, kitties. Any effort!

This toy is toast.

This toy amused Andy for a short time and Dougy just didn’t get it!

Much like the food bag strip that’s amused the kitty boys for a long time now, Andy found a toy he really, really, really likes ~ a folded piece of copy paper!

35 thoughts on “Post 1580: expensive toys…meh!

  1. I bought one of those tracks years ago. They seem to go in and out of fashion with the cats. When I got my boy Nova, he’d constantly go crazy for the track at night, making a total racket. Now that our cat family is four, three of them still show interest, it’s just super sporadic. The one who doesn’t stoop so low as to play with ‘cat’ toys steals things like receipts instead. Cats are odd beings!

  2. Great videos of the boys, Doug, and I love the music you found to go with them! I should try growing a clump of grass for my cats in here. There will probably be little green upchucks, but they will have fun for a while. 🙂

    • Matching music to the action is one of those little fun things about doing videos!

      That particular bit of grass was plain old yarn edge grass dug out during the edging process. It lasted a lot longer than the cat grass you can grow from seed. Ideally (as far as I’m concerned) one would have a small tub full of perpetual grass the kitties could eat or snooze in. If I were a rig=ch fellow, I’d have an atrium in my fabulous home with trees, kitty-friendly perennials, and grass growing year in and out! Of course, there would be self-cleaning litter boxes in this kitty paradise!

  3. I love your videos! And yep, its sometimes the simplest things that we kitties find most stimulating for the duration. I loves myself some crumpled up craft paper. I never tire of it. Hugs!

    • Thanks! I don’t have the capability at the moment for making more of them, but there are over two hundred (?) on YouTube on my phainopepla 95 channel. I like to periodically post a few for everyone’s amusement. Also, I think people enjoy seeing the kitty boys in action!

  4. At this time of year, there are particular grass heads, with long stems. My cat is like your guys when they want a particular game with you, she mews for me to come and pick a stem and then she spends a few happy minutes chasing and killing it.

    • I think I’ve pretty much come to the point where I know not to spend money on most toys. They do like the Neko Birbug and other wand toys by that manufacturer. I think it is because they mostly are large and fun to pounce. Other than that, you occasionally see a multi-colored narrow strip of fabric on the floor in photos. It used to be a wand toy till the fabric came off the wand. From that time on, the kitty boys turned it into a game where Andy drags it somewhere, drops it, sits down and yowls like a banshee to let Dougy know the game is on. Dougy comes running and they chase each other all over the apartment till the game is over. The gauntlet – the multi-colored fabric – never figures in the game once Andy’s yowled. I never know where I’ll find it because the gauntlet moves all over the apartment, letting me know the kitty boys keep each other entertained with their little game when I’m gone. Occasionally they play it when I’m home.

  5. see… life can be so easy… even without eggs-pensive stuff… we bought a kong toy for an arm and a leg… and after Phenny smacked our legs with it, the torture toy is now forgotten … but empty tp-rolls are still the hit here ;o)

    • Hey, my sister’s late kitty Sox had a toilet paper roll “toy” that he guarded with snarls and growls if anyone tried to take it from him! I didn’t know Phenny-dogs liked them, too! And to think we just toss them before offering them to our furry friends!

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