Post 1848: Molly is a stealthy kitty girl!


You’ve “met” my Seattle sister’s kitty girl Molly before. My sister recently sent me the next photo of Molly. See if you can find her!

molly hides

My sister wrote: “I panicked yesterday because I couldn’t find Molly any place in the house and knew [my granddaughter] had left the door open while going back and forth to the car. Eventually Molly walked out of my bedroom and I had looked everywhere in there.  Today I discovered her hiding place.  If you look at the center of my bed pillows, you can see a cat ear.  Now I know!



16 thoughts on “Post 1848: Molly is a stealthy kitty girl!

    • One time when I was rounding up kitty boys for a grooming appointment, I spent close to an hour trying to find Dougy. I took Andy to the appointment, came back to the apartment, continued the search for the missing cat. I searched and searched, then had a flash of insight: I looked in the carriers next to the recliner, and found the missing kitty boy in the bottom one! I leave the doors open on the hope they will familiarize themselves with the carriers, making it i=easier to get them into them when I need to take them places, and the idea turned out to work! LOL! I closed the door, and Dougy made the appointment…barely!

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