Post 1963: the eye’s almost healed…

Of course, Dougy didn’t cooperate for a photo of the eye, but his veterinarian was pleased with how well it has healed. We continue the anti-bacterial drops (not anti-viral as I mentioned earlier…) and corneal repair drops for another week because there is a tiny spot that hasn’t completely healed. Dougy has been such a good boy about the drops, neither he nor I will have a problem with that!

This is where we started a bit over a week ago. I’m impressed with the speed and efficacy of the combination of the two kinds of drops over just the anti-bacterial drops alone, the treatment Dougy got several years ago when he had the same problem.


UPDATE! Dougy almost got away without me getting a photo of his healthier eye, but the photo above was taken after I completed this post.

17 thoughts on “Post 1963: the eye’s almost healed…

    • I was very encouraged. Those corneal ulcers can be difficult to deal with if not caught at an early stage like Dougy’s. I’d feel terrible if he lost an eye or vision because I failed to pick up on his problem early enough.

    • Thanks! I admit I am greatly relieved because this sort of corneal ulcer can be a major complication if not caught early. Fortunately, we did catch it early.

    • Dougy isn’t a big treat eater (?) like Andy, but I do offer them to him just the same! Most days he is a good boy and deserves the treats! As for the drops, they have been a fairly easy job to take care of since Dougy behaves (most times) so well. Of course, I swaddle him in a bath towel, so he can’t move away from the drops!

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