Post 2050: “ghosting”…

Dougy and his kitty brother Andy do it all the time…

…it creeps humans out!

Yes, nothing is there (it seems) yet the kitty – Dougy – keeps staring at it: “ghosting”!

21 thoughts on “Post 2050: “ghosting”…

  1. I’m telling you, you need an exorcist! Wait until it gets closer to October: black cats will well and truly ramp up the creepy level to “Expert”. Don’t ask me how I know this.

    • Actually, if you follow the two stories – cat and television – the fellow in the first one is wondering what’s up with Dougy. In the last one, the woman is creeped out, finally, when she realizes there is nothing to see unless you are a ghosting cat! (At least that is why I chose to post things in that order.) I like creating these stories-in-stories posts when the television images allow it.

    • I live in retirement housing that dates back to WWII in some of the units, including mine. I’ve wondered how many bodies were removed from the place in that time, but don’t want to know! LOL!

    • Perhaps they are trying to find studs? LOL! Only occasionally have I spotted anything when they are doing that. (Spiders, gnats – those are the most common actual sightings.)

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