Post 1886: Andy amuses himself…

Dougy got bored playing wand toy. I didn’t put the toy away, just left it where Dougy stopped playing with it. Andy found it, and, in between cleaning sessions, played with it by himself, making sure Dougy wasn’t sneaking up on him from the guest bedroom (upper right).

He’s such a sweet kitty! Once I noticed what he was doing – and took some photos for you! – I stopped what I was doing and played wand toy with him.

16 thoughts on “Post 1886: Andy amuses himself…

    • Dougy has the more Persian-like smooshed face than Andy. Dougy, overall, is floofier than Andy, but Andy gets floofier the longer he goes between haircuts. I used to think he had a less dense coat than his broither, but, again, the longer he goes between haircuts, the denser his undercoat gets. I originally arranged for their grooming because of severe matting and poop balls tangling in their tail feathers – ick! Since I’ve been more religious about brushing them, those problems are in better control, with small tangles easily removed.

    • Yes, and there is a correlation between how expensive the toy is and how fast they tire of it! The more expensive, the faster the toy fatigue sets in. Which is to say, a piece of string amuses endlessly, but that Cat’s Meow toy (with a “mouse tail” moving randomly under a skirt in a circle) lasted about five minutes before the kitty boys figured out they didn’t have to chase it because they could lounge beside it and the tail would come to them! After 10 minutes, they ran off to find something they really liked. Oh yes, the “Cat’s Meow toy required four C-cell batteries, something I can use in no other battery-powered thing in the house.

        • LOL! That store that allows pets to accompany their humans (don’t have them near me – don’t recall the name) has the right idea – let the critters chose what they want! points fo being a good doggy dad regardless, chuq! We fellow doggy and kitty dads and moms feel your pain!

          • One company has a puppy play time every day for about an hour where pups can come together and play their butts off…it is controlled by weight so none get hurt….a great idea….chuq

          • I agree! Especially with dogs – social critters – it’s a great way to let them have an activity that exhausrs excess energy and allows them to get with pack buddies! For that matter, I bet the employees are more productive since it’s fun to watch dogs interact instead of plotting who to stab in the back or gossip against next. LOL!

    • Andy is cute, and when I have quiet time with him before I give him his medicine, I look into his eyes and see a very gentle spirit. I feel blessed to have such a sweet being in my life! (Dougy is sweet in his way, too, but he always has been a more confident and direct kitty.)

    • Andy is a quiet kitty who mostly likes to make his own fun. He will play eventually, but Dougy’s the more enthusiastic player any time!

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