Post 2039: the scare…

Dougy pulled a fast one Saturday and slipped outside when I wasn’t paying attention. I discovered he was missing when I got home from dialysis. Fortunately, this town is really good about helping people locate missing pets, and Dougy was found between a snowdrift and an apartment building, his fur full of leaf litter. He had a great time. I thought I would never see my kitty again!

Andy felt lost without his brother, too. We both were so happy when the young man who found Dougy brought him into the apartment! (Dougy was happy to be inside again, but oblivious to the scare he caused.)

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    • Exactly! It hap[pened on a dialysis day on top of it, and I was so exhausted from that medical procedure that I had to take a rest/nap at one point even thought I knew I should be out looking for him. It was when I was resting that the young man who found him knocked on the door with the naughty Dougy.

    • As berst I can tell, he was gone around 11-12 hours. I think he got out when I had the door open to check for the weather. It was still dark, he’s a stealthy black cat, and I saw and heard nothing when he escaped! I didn’t discover he was gone till I put out the kitty boys’ midday wet foiod meal and her didn’t come when I called his name. That would have been about six-seven houtrs after he got loose.

    • He was very pleased with himself, and covered in leaf litter from exploring (hunting?) inb bushes around the housing units.

    • My Seattle sister had a cat missing for 10 awful months, and I had visions ofg an ordeal like that. When the young man who spotted him told me there was a black cat that he thought might me Dougy, I halfway thought it would be lucky if it were Dougy, but I had my doubts till he brought the cat to my door and it was Dougy. He was within 150 or so feet / 45,7 meters of home!

    • The best part about missing pets where I live is there are lots of people who take an active role in searching for the pet till it is found. Also, when people find a lost animal, they are good about posting a photo and information about the circumstances of its appearance on Facebook. The local animal control officer posts photos of found animals at the shelter, too. All in all, this is (if there is such a thing) a good place to be a lost pet! The young man who found it was with his mother at a store half a block away from where I live. She asked him if he wanted to look for the naughty Dougy. He said yes, and they came over to my lane to start the search. He spotted Dougy almost as soon as they drove done the lane! I drove by the same spot earlier and he weasn’t there or I didn’t see him because he was behind a snowdrift.

  1. wow 🐱 This gives me ptsd 😢 from 6yrs ago when Washe slipped out the front door while I was reaching for the mail. Found him a ½ hr later nibbling on day lilies outside the back door. I was bothered shitless man! I feel for you Doug 😉 Glad he is back home 🐱

    • It happened on a day I have dialysis, and half way into the process beforfe he was found, I was physically so exhausted I had to take a rest/nap. It was during that rest that tiurned into a nap that I heard a knock on the door that turned out to be the people who fa=ound Dougy! Sounds like what happened with Dougy. A black cat in a dark doorway can slip into the black night with little effort, I learnedf!

    • When you changed where your blog is, I couldn’t bring it up. I tried again today, and it worked, so I am resubscribed! Whew! Glad that’s taken care of finally.

    • I suspect he told Andy that now that he’d tasted the alley cat life, he preferred it and can’t wait to get back outside!

  2. That is frightening. I had something similar happen to me many years ago only my cat didn’t really get outside. She crawled up into the ceiling rafters in the basement of a new home we were moving into. She wouldn’t respond to her name. When it got dark and she got hungry, she came out. Of course by this time, I had made posters and plastered them in every neighborhood mailbox and gone all over looking for her. I was both angry and happy at the same time.

    • Yes, I had the posters out, too, and an announcement of Facebook. He was found about four or so hours after I posted them, and almost outside my front door! (He was perhaps 100 or so feet away on the other side of the lane, hidden behind a snow drift, but next to an apartment building. Most likely, that’s where he was, too, when I drove past that spot earlier. I had to concentrate on the road and didn’t see anything over there.)

        • LOL! I know he did. He had leaf litter in his fur, letting me know he explored hiding pl;aces generations of cats in this neighborhood have used to catch birds. There was no evidence he caught any birds, but I’m sure if he tried, he’d be successful.

    • Yes, I discovered he was missing about five or so hours before he ultimately was found. Of course, in that time after I missed him, about an hour or so was spent making the poster and notifying places I felt he might have contact with as a missing cat – police, veterinarian, Facebook users in town. Anyway, someone who saw the missing cat announcement on Facebook decided to take a look for him since they were in my area. He actually was just a 100 meters or so down the lane from where I live. I looked there earlier from my car as I drove around, but missed him (if he was there then). The friend drove her son around the area, and he spotted Dougy from the car as they drove by.

      • Soo kind of them to go into their car and look for your cat! Particularly, if I understood correctly, as you have not lived there for decades but only since your retirement in a gated community!

        • Ther search was by friends who actually ;live on the opposite side of town. I know the mother from when we both wortk at the same place. They werer on this side of town at a store and decided to look for Dougy since they were only half a block away from where I live anyway. Talk about serendipity!

          • Ah, now you have me disappointed. I thought there was such an idyllic place where total strangers decide to help an elderly man get his cat back as that was the most that place has to offer – adventure wise.

          • Actually, this is an historically and paleontologically interesting area. This also is the home of the whimsical Carhenge. That said, it isn’t particularly idyllic, but it is a pleasant enough place to live.

            For that matter, Dougy could have been returned by absolute stragers, too. It just happened he was returned by someone who knows me and who lives with her children’s many cats and dogs. This is a big town for pets, and people care about reuniting animals with their humans caretakers.

    • Me, too. It was a sad day to realize I might never see him again, so it was a huge relief he was found and returned so quickly!

    • Yes, it could have been tragic since I live close to major roads. He hadn’t wandered that far from home, fortunately, even though he was out approximately 11 hours total and I didn’t realize it for at least the six first hours.

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