Post 1964: a tall tail…

“Where do you expect me to put my tail…!?”

10 thoughts on “Post 1964: a tall tail…

  1. I commented too long and wordpress swallowed my comment . I start again . My problem was to identify the cat /Long tail = Andy . But a cat installed with confort in an armchair and a pillow leads to a cat who was eyesick . So I identified Dougy ????
    I read all of your replies , Doug anD I thank you very much .
    In friendship
    PS /

    • Actually, that’s Dougy in the photos: good job identifying him correctly! I didn’t notice till I read your comment that I hadn’t identified the kitty boy featured! The biggest clue in this series of photos is in the last two: Dougy had a broader face and amber-colored eyes. Andy had yellow eyes and a narrow face compared with his brother. It’s generally easier to tell them apart in photos when they are together.

    • Hmmm. Could be, though Dougy generally is a very good patient, except for the thermometer, You know what I mean! LOL! I asked why they don’t use the non-contact type thermometer, and the kitty boys’ veterinarian said they tried it but were unimpressed with its lack of accuracy.

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