Post 1954: Dougy’s eye…

Dougy periodically has a relapse of feline herpes, with a side effect of conjunctivitis, and that’s what I learned at Dr. Dave’s clinic yesterday. I dread the days till January 14th, his next veterinarian’s appointment date, because Dougy is not a good patient, unlike his brother Andy.

I think I’ll have to go to a bath towel to wrap Dougy. I use a smaller one with Andy, and Dougy fought his way out of that one two, three times when I tried to get the medicine in his eyes. Fortunately, I eventually succeeded and his eye is more open than it was. (One medication is a lubricant – “corneal repair gel”, that smaller of the two bottles, and it seems to be quick help. It doesn’t look like a gel going in, though.)

Andy hasn’t had this. I think Dougy must have been exposed during the week I had Andy at home and Dougy was still with his mommy at the clinic. They’ve been vaccinated for it, but I’ll ask Dr. Dave the 14th if either has had a follow-up shot. I know they got two shots In October, one for rabies.

Dougy is a forgiving kitty, fortunately, and our tussle to give him his eye drops hasn’t made him too upset to hang out with me, the way he always does.