Post 1997: The temptation…

Minding his business. That’s how Andy is.

Say what??

Well, it was worth a try. Andy just can’t be tempted today.


For those who briefly saw tomorrow’s post in the Reader, it was accidentally scheduled for today along with this post, the actual Monday post. This sometimes happens when I have several posts prepared ahead of time. I’ve pulled it, but rescheduled it for tomorrow, the day I intended it to post. Sorry about that! The photo above is one of those in the story for tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “Post 1997: The temptation…

    • I accidentally posted tomorrow’s post today – that one will reappear tomorrow at 2:00 AM MST…. This happens when I create more than one post a day, but it is nice to have a few ahead for a change.
      (I’m prepared for every day up to Thursday.)

        • Sounds familiar. I get a false sense of being in control of the output, then discover on the last day of the surplus (if I’m lucky!) that I have to hustle again to avoid missing a day. I used to allow myself an occasional missed day to help restore my batteries, but those were the days….

    • It’s a holiday here- President’s Day, which means little since there used to be two presidents’ birthdays – Washington and Lincoln – in February before the US Congress created three day weekends out of some holidays that landed randomly in the week.

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