Post 1998: Dougy never tires of this “toy”

A simple strip of plastic – it is the tear strip off the kitty boys’ dry food.

Dougy gets very excited when he sees this pill bottle because he knows the strip is in it.

He impatiently tries to help me open it.

I have to mind my fingers because tooth and claw tear into the plastic strip without mercy or hesitation!


19 thoughts on “Post 1998: Dougy never tires of this “toy”

  1. They never cease to amaze me: much as mine like the catnip mice and other toys they have lying around, they always seem most thrilled when a piece of string or piece of paper calls them names and they have to pounce on it!

    • LOL! I totally understand! My two get ecstatic when a piece of paper lands on the floor near my printer. They rush to claim it, and are upset if t=not first to the sheet.

      • MoMo has a toy box full…..the problem is when I pick stuff up she rushes to reclaim them from me and takes them to her “special spot”…..she is a hoot to watch….chuq

        • This hoarding behavior is fun! I am like you in that I often move a piece of furniture or look behind a door and find all sorts of kitty toys and treasures!

          • MoMo keeps of hers in her spot on the back porch… a stray cat has taken up residency on the porch and it her cat……they do have a bit of fun most times…..chuq

          • Uh oh! Sounds like you are on the verge of being adopted by a cat! Lucky you, too, to have a kitty that is so organized. My kitties stash everywhere, and vacuuming is a perennial adventure, with many stops to move toys or declog the vacuum.

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