Post 2030: the hunt’s on…

Just a review: Dougy finds his new nemesis, the mockingbird, a pain in the neck!

Yesterday, the mockingbird took his annoying behavior to a new level. Dougy was not amused!

Dougy spotted the mockingbird fluttering around his favorite box. Too much! Dougy waits. He will get that rascal here. Then – you will not be surprised – KILL! Kitty pride must be maintained.


[What Dougy doesn’t realize is there is a Mr. Mockingbird and a Mrs. Mockingbird! He’s yellow, and she’s brown. They both gang up on him and he’s just one kitty!]

6 thoughts on “Post 2030: the hunt’s on…

  1. You show that bird, Dougy. I,ll tell you a little secret between you and me. You have to kill that loser deader than a doorstop or he will come back to haunt you. No just messing him up or HE WILL BE BACK. Nothin worse than a zombie bird.


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