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Hi cb here from

Just got off of the phone with Doug who asked me to update you all on his situation. Doug has developed a lung infection and is on the way to hospital in Scott’s Buff (via ambulance). The kittie boys are squared away with a friend taking care of them, so no need to worry there. Doug thinks he will be offline for a few weeks without access to the internet or this blog.

At least this time* he has his cell phone with him, so I hope to keep in touch with him. I will do my best to update him with your comments but it might be hard to read him thousands of get well comments so I may have to summarize.

Stay tuned …

* see

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  1. I’m sure I can speak for many who have visited Doug’s blog and say that I am looking forward to hearing from him soon! He always has something interesting to show or talk about!
    My eagle friends will send you a message of hope.
    Wishing you well from Canada Doug!

      • well thats not a warm home coming to come home to is it Doug!
        I heard your friend Judy took care of them. I wonder how they acted in a new place?
        Hope that kung infection goes away quickly! I hope your not a smoker?

        • They were cared for in their home and they were familiar with “Auntie” Judy from the time I was hospitalized and had therapy that kept me away from home two and a half months or so, when she helped care for them. Not to worry, though! It was only a matter of minutes before they are vying for my attention! I suspect that hospital smell (worn-too-long shorts?) confused them at first.

          I quit smoking at 3 AM December 1, 1998 and haven’t had any desire to smoke again. Reason I quit? A 50 cent a package increase in price to help pay for settlement of a lawsuit won by the Attornies General of 20+ states against the tobbaco companies! I knew two things: a binch of lawyers bought new Mercedes Benzes and BMWs when the suit was owone and a bunch of states would spend the money they got on things not related to smoking cessation. How many people do you know who successfully quit smoking because they are cynical? LOL!

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