12June20: Andy’s day…

Hey, he’s a kitty! What did you expect?

27 thoughts on “12June20: Andy’s day…

          • I have a feeling I am missing quite a few of your posts, Doug, because I am so short on time that sometimes I don’t get to my Reader for a few days. Then I feel deprived of Adorables.

          • I sometimes have that same problem, so I click on koolkosherkitchen.wordpress.com, in your case, which assures I can see only your posts and can locate, easily, any I’ve missed. People who post infrequently or only weekly, monthly, or quarterly are easy to miss when they do post. In my case, all you need to do is click on DougThomas, and the last 10 (I think it is) pop up. from there, you can click on the spot in the last one that shows you the last and next posts for the blog.

          • I suspect you already know this, so it is for people who may be new to blogging on WordPress and haven’t learned this yet.

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