06Jun20: Zoom!

dougy in flamiongo tub

This popped up on Facebook yesterday. It’s Dougy’s longtime most favorite place in the universe! He always looks like he’s zooming around in his English sports car.

Any new box becomes a battle ground till the kitty boys sort out which kitty gets the first sit!

The best boxes serve as ambush caverns, where a kitty boy attacks a Birbug (or foot) passing by.


No box is too small, shallow, or tricky to get in. Ask Dougy!

Of course, as hallowed as boxes are, the kitty boys love, love, love magazines and newspapers on the floor, too. I had to learn this the hard way. Now, neither hits the floor till I’ve finished reading it.

Both kitty boys.

I was wrong. This is Dougy!

But this is Andy.