14Jul20: what they like et une célébration…

Beyond a doubt, the kitty boys love, love, love a head rub. Of course, Andy lets me know when he’s tired of it. (lower right hand photo)



Vive la France!


























11 thoughts on “14Jul20: what they like et une célébration…

  1. And I didn’t even know what date its was, other than a very busy day calming down my students when technology malfunctioned across the board. I missed it completely, so sorry! I hope you had a nice celebration with The Adorables watching some quality French films, Doug, without Andy blocking the subtitles.

  2. Happy Bastille Day, kittyboys! It’s also my son’s birthday. He was born on the 200th anniversary of Bastille Day; I like to tell him that fireworks went off in Paris when he was born. (He now rolls his eyes when I say this.) Be sure to raise a glass of champagne in the name of liberty, equality, and fraternity!

    • I celebrate Independence Day here that way myself. I often feel the day would not be observed if it traditionally were spent in quiet meditation on the significance of the country’s war to gain liberation from England instead of drunken noise making using, ironically, fireworks made in China!

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