10Jul20: stripped…!

Yes, it’s Dougy! He had so many mats, he had to be trimmed down really close. It grows back, and the next grooming session (1PM on October 30th) will be a return to a teddy bear cut.

Dougy looks patchy now, but that won’t last. 

Andy had fewer mats, and they weren’t as big mostly. He doesn’t look so rough.

Not much kitty boy under all that Persian coat, eh?! More Andy views here.

I expect the fans of the kitty boys will be upset with this extreme cut, yet it is what needed to be done to get back to routine touch up to restore their teddy bear cuts. I only asked that their tails be left untouched so the kitty boys had some small dignity left! 

Dougy says “buh-bye” in Cattinese, of course, so it sounds more like “meow”.

Turns out the new groomer has a play area where the kitties can be out of the carrier. The former groomer didn’t have one. She also turns out to be the daughter of a woman who used to give the best haircuts, you know, the ones that actually feel good as well as look good.