13Jul20: my posse runs on naps…

Andy and Dougy “hang” with me no matter where I go. That gets very tiring!

18 thoughts on “13Jul20: my posse runs on naps…

  1. Looks like the boys have been groomed for summer. They look good. You are very lucky to have constant companions….I get companionship at meal times except for Shoko who seems to want to be with me for no gain. Tyebe comes in and visits while riding my walker….by herself and then I have to try and retrieve a walker halfway down the hall…..she’s a big help. hehe


    • Dougy likes to ride in my walker, which is tedious when I need it for a sit down! The kitty boys do go off to snooze in their favorite spots, though they do spend a lot of time tailing me, too. Andy has a thing about waiting outside the shower till I step out. He always acts surprised I get wet on purpose. LOL! Dougy is one of those kitties that has to spend time with me when I’m on the toilet, walking back and forth through my legs.

    • I spoiled them from kittenhood. I bought a book – Kittens for Dummies – to help me bring them up correctly, but I’d already done everything wrong. Ha!

  2. Sometimes it seems they try to pin me down. A cat on my head, one on my feet, and one under each arm. I can’t move! I am lucky it is generally only 4 of the 8 that do this. 🙂

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