15Jul20: my sad news…


I hadn’t seen Dougy yet this morning, so I looked for him. I found him on the sofa in the guest bedroom. He died sometime during the night, and rigor mortis had set in. There was a bit of blood on his nose, otherwise I have no idea what brought this about.

I’m still in shock, had a bit of a bawl. I will miss the little guy. He was my explorer, comedian, and furniture destroyer. I will miss him every day of the rest of my life now that he joins Freckles and Louie the ginger cat.

It’s just Andy and me now. We’ll get along, but we will miss the interaction between the two kitty boys.

I’m dropping Dougy off at the veterinarian’s for a post mortem and cremation next. It is a sad day. I acknowledge your comments now because I don’t feel I will be up to replies. With my health issues, I’d always assumed I would die first, that I wouldn’t have to face the deaths of these kitties. I always thought it would be Andy’s turn first since he has the heart issues.


Douglas James Thomas ~ July 1, 2011-July 15, 2020

The ottoman will go into the guest bedroom where I won’t have a constant reminder of Dougy’s naughty side. Thank you, Dougley for all the joy you brought into my life.


WordPress is acting up. I tried to respond to the comments, and weird things happened. I will try again because I want each and everyone of you to know your comments have helped me come out of shock and begin grieving. 






























15Jul20: “neat” takes its toll…

It takes less time to maintain a kitty with short hair, but…


…it still is exhausting! Whew! Ask Andy.