20Jul20: …toys or sleep?


Andy knows some of his favorite wand toys are on the floor next to his end table. He has a big kitty decision to make.

Dig out a toy or…


…sleep. It’s a “no brainer” it seems. 



This is my Seattle sister’s kitty girl, Saki, enjoying bunnies outside from her window perch. My sister adopted Saki after the death of her kitty boy, Sox. Andy can watch cottontails from his window perch. too. Dougy used to enjoy bunnies from that same window when Andy wasn’t using it. 

Some of you have wondered if I will adopt another cat so Andy has a companion. In ways, I would like to adopt a senior kitty, but my health issues complicate that decision. I know I don’t want to adopt a kitten again, as irresistible as they can be. Regardless, it is too soon to think about this. My sister’s example – she’s adopted two senior cats in the past – is an example to consider, too.