31Aug20: One, two, three…you’ve been warned!

Andy rejects my attention all the way! He knows I know he knows I know we know this is his Sanctum Sanctorum: Don’t Approach!


29Aug20: Andy’s multi-purpose spot…

The stacked carriers are a longtime favorite spot as far as Andy’s concerned.


I see your “jellybeans”, Andy! Hee! Hee!


As usual, Andy’s not amused. “Jellybeans! Psst!”




28Aug20: a better effort, sort of…

I (Andy’s human) try to give Andy a quality presentation when we play wand toy. It’s harder than you think! Andy says “NO!” to this effort. Not hidden enough. He likes to dive into the hiding place and drag the victim out with his “Rawring Bloody Rip-Claws of Hideous, Horrendous, Murderous, Hell-Death”. And you thought he was a sweet kitty boy!

Andy asked for a chance to present his side of the story: 


(Yeah, so you say, Andrew!)

I guess Andy really told me. Terrible presentation. Stop irritating the kitty! Aw! I’m crushed…for now! [singing…] “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, you’re only a day away!” Only there was no applause from Andy today.


27Aug20: Andy anticipates a good time…

Poor Andy! His favorite toy but poor presentation ended his anticipated good time. I (Andy’s human) try to amuse His Highness, but this wasn’t one of my better efforts.

26Aug20: wand toy time…


People with cats know this is one of the cheapest cat toys on the market. It also is…

…Andy’s favorite toy! Of course, like a gourmand approaching a meal…

…there is the matter of presentation. Andy expects me to figure presentation out. And best I can tell, it is more fun if the “prey” is hiding under a magazine or behind a blanket. RAWR! 



25Aug20: a quiet time for Andy…

Yes, this is what a kitty boy does endlessly, yet there is something sweet and timeless about a kitty cleaning up. Enjoy! Even the news in the background doesn’t interrupt his progress.

23Aug20: Andy kneads for comfort…


The guns of war in the background, it isn’t surprising Andy kneads a blanket for comfort.

Poor kitty!


22aug20: Andy just woke up.


Andy just woke up and hasn’t had time to wipe the eye snot off. “No fair! Cuteness doesn’t just happen, Douglas!” So it goes. I’ll try to pay attention next time. Andy has his standards, but Caturday is one day he thinks I should leave him alone.