08Jul20: divided attention, Part 2…

Where we are up to now: French movie, with subtitles to block; a fly on the lampshade; the decision so tiring, Andy puts off both for a nap.


The nap helps sort things out: a fly snack would be nice! Andy returns to the fly.

Andy’s attracted another interested party. Dougy hears the racket and suspects there’s something yummy in it for him!

Andy welcomes his brother, but would be happier without the competition.

The fly moves on briefly. The kitty brothers wait for its return.

Return of the fly! It gets serious now!

What!?  After all that? The fly survives two experienced predators…for now! Later, both Andy and Dougy catch a yummy fly and have their snack. I hope at least one of these flies was the one that got away in the video.