22Sep20: lapboard war…

Andy’s upset I’m using the lapboard while typing on my laptop. He wants to lounge.

So he takes up a space behind my laptop. He knows I’ll pick him up off the keyboard, so that’s not worth the trial. Here, he gets what he wants!


32 thoughts on “22Sep20: lapboard war…

    • He has some sort of nerve issue that means that one eyelid doesn’t operate with the other, sort of a Bell’s Palsy kind of thing. The veterinarian suggested an experimental solution, but since Andy doesn’t suffer any pain or other issues because of it, I chose not to let his doctor experiment on him. (Curiously enough, I have the same sort of issue with one of my eyes, thanks to a shingles outbreak in 2907. Because of my own experience with this, I have a sense of how it affects Andy.) Dougy had one eye that had chronic issues, too, and it made the three of us a strange little band of weird eye critters!

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