31Oct20: Tuh duh! Heeeere’s Andy!

Nebraska Business Development Center photo

Dodi and Derek have a mobile pet grooming service that began around the time COVID-19 became an issue. Fortunately for them, business took off because they could bring their business to their clients’ doorstep.

Here’s Andy before his spaw date!

Happily for Andy and me, Dodi was able to put him on her schedule and his grooming session at her “pet spaw” yesterday resulted in this:

We are pleased! Thanks, Dodi and Derek! May your Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw prosper and become the place to groom pets in your business territory! I think you have a super concept and Andy – and all your doggy clients – are proof of it!

The carpet is a mess. Even Dysons can find Persian kitty hair more than they can handle. (I need to do some filter and canister maintenance to restore normal suck again. Sorry for the messy backgrounds above! I’m not a good housekeeper.)

Andy was a good boy and more relaxed this second time with his new groomer. I’m really pleased with her work!

But  Andy is happy to be home again, too!