11Oct20: caught off guard…

Andy stopped by the recliner for a rest.

He senses the presence of…

…”The Hand That Rubs and Scritches Andy’s Head Without Asking!” Horrors!

Andy is not amused!


Andy’s eye looks icky in these photos, but he just hadn’t cleaned off eye snot yet. Later in the day, he finished the job.

I took a selfie at the doctor’s Friday. Gad! This pandemic beard creeps me out! No wonder Andy freaks out when I move in to give him a head bump. LOL! I hope the lady who cuts my hair is cutting hair again, soon, though I’m curious how she will do it while I wear a mask. (I’ve thought about possibilities.) In the meantime, I’m the wise old man of the mountain or a mountain man coming off the mountain after too many years….