31Oct20: Tuh duh! Heeeere’s Andy!

Nebraska Business Development Center photo

Dodi and Derek have a mobile pet grooming service that began around the time COVID-19 became an issue. Fortunately for them, business took off because they could bring their business to their clients’ doorstep.

Here’s Andy before his spaw date!

Happily for Andy and me, Dodi was able to put him on her schedule and his grooming session at her “pet spaw” yesterday resulted in this:

We are pleased! Thanks, Dodi and Derek! May your Curbside Magic Mobile Pet Spaw prosper and become the place to groom pets in your business territory! I think you have a super concept and Andy – and all your doggy clients – are proof of it!

The carpet is a mess. Even Dysons can find Persian kitty hair more than they can handle. (I need to do some filter and canister maintenance to restore normal suck again. Sorry for the messy backgrounds above! I’m not a good housekeeper.)

Andy was a good boy and more relaxed this second time with his new groomer. I’m really pleased with her work!

But  Andy is happy to be home again, too!


35 thoughts on “31Oct20: Tuh duh! Heeeere’s Andy!

  1. We have questions, Andy? Aren’t you cold now? You are running about nekked in winter…..we’d freeze. Does our fur itch when it grows in? Hopefully you’re not one big itch when fur starts growing. Those are the 2 main questions Andy. Give me time I’ll think up more.

    Shoko and Tyebe

    • The apartment is in the mid-80’s F/29-ish C, which seems to be comfortable for him, if a bit summerish without air conditioning for me. He was shivering when the groomer brought him back. The short time in the 50-ish F/13-ish C was a problem for him even though he was wrapped in a towel. I made sure he got warmed up!

      I don’t think it itches while it grows out, but there is a chance a kitty is allergic to the nice smelling soaps and other things the groomer uses in spa activities. I watch Andy for signs of that and would notify the groomer not to use scented soap, etc. in future. She has that capability!

    • It was a great relief to be referred to a groomer who actually comes to your door to get your pet for the service! My Seattle sister tells me that is available there, too (possibly many places…). She says euthanasia services are also offered this way, though she (and I) are squeamish about that. I imagine those are mobile veterinarian services that do most medical services, too.

      • That’s good, Doug! Better a bit too warm than a bit too cold, aye? It must be getting chilly way up there now. Michigan has frosty mornings, was 20 this morning in my Michigan hometown.

        • That’s my motto! It’s that time of year when you dress for one possibility, and the opposite comes true. Last week, it was snow. This week, I took a nap and had the window open. Geez!

    • Andy liked not having to go into a carrier for his spa day. Dodi wraps her kitty clients (and doggy clients? don’t know) in a towel burrito style to lesson their anxiety. I use that method when Andy needs medicine, so I know it helps. Of course, this time of year the towel helps keep the kitty boy warm till he gets home after the trim! Fortunately, Andy wasn’t outside long – the walk from the van to home – and it was a pleasantly not freezing but warmish fall day. Once inside, he had a warm habitat again.

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