30Oct20: candy corn ~ meh!

I offer Andy the seasonal candy corn candy.(Traditionally sold around Hallowe’en for those outside the Hallowe’en zone.) Many don’t like it since it is, um, “sugar flavored” as best I can tell. Maybe Andy can be enticed.

Andy gives me his “You kidding? No one likes candy corn!” look and goes back to kitty bathing. (Now I can eat the disgusting stuff without Andy begging.)




24 thoughts on “30Oct20: candy corn ~ meh!

    • Andy and his late brother never learned to eat human foods, and when offered a sniff of them, never showed interest in the food again. I glad about that!

  1. Andy is smart! I never was a candy corn fan, too sweet and no other flavors I could discern. Now plain, unadulterated chocolate bars were another thing…I loved those! 🙂 I don’t eat any candy now, but do love dates and figs.

  2. I was okay with candy corn until one day, a student I was working with binged on a bag of the stuff during recess. When he came in, he promptly ran to the wastebasket next to my desk and threw up. I had to sit all day next to the smell of candy corn barf. So, yeah, Andy.

    • I felt light headed and vaguely like I should do the same after eating a lot less than that! I think that the sugar overload is the reason. I’ve since finished the bag and won’t need to try it again for five, ten years! It’s as nasty as i recall.

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