05Jan21: Andy hanging on the edge and me on my hospital day…

Every position…

…Andy takes on the end table…

….looks like he’ll fall off


You know hospitals – I’m prepared to be tracked and processed~!

Even a brief stay for an angioplasty on my dialysis fistula warrants changing into a hospital gown!

Afterwards, Terry and I stop by our old friend David’s to drop off plans for a ramp to help Marco, our old friend Donna’s sweet Pomeranian doggo get up on the bed more easily. Dave is an excellent cabinet builder/carpenter and the ramp will be much appreciated by his client, Marco! (That’s David’s cat in the photo above, if not a very good photo of a pretty calico kitty.)

Terry (in front) and David stand in front of David’s workshop, one example of his excellent craftsmanship. Two really nice guys, Terry and David. I feel fortunate to have them as friends! 

22 thoughts on “05Jan21: Andy hanging on the edge and me on my hospital day…

  1. Mr. Doug, too bad you can’t have all that hospital business done in the purrivacy of your own home.

    Mom really likes the “pergola” (whatever that is) Mr. Terry and Mr. Dave are standing in front of.

  2. well I’m glad it all worked out Doug but just having to go into a Hospital would make me nervous.
    Did Andy run to greet you when you got home …..or was more a waking up,looking over and a “where have you been……I’m hungry” kind of look?

  3. I am so glad to hear that everything went well dear Doug, and also to have a nice friend is a great gift for us… I am glad to hear you have a wonderful friends. Thank you, Andy’s photographs are amazing, how lying there… Love and Hugs, nia

    • Yes, the procedure is simple (for the doctor…!) and I experienced no pain during or after. And having that good friend is priceless!

  4. I feel I would have to go for the same surgery, Doug in some weeks. I am glad it is done for you.
    It is a blessing to have good friends like Terry and David.
    I wonder why Andy likes to stand on a so narrow table . Perhaps he believes he is on a branch
    In friendship

  5. Glad to hear all is well, Doug, and that you are back home! David is very kind to build that ramp for Marco. Terry and David sound like wonderful friends!

    I love those photos of Andy cat on the end table! 🙂

    • That they are! Marco is such a sweet doggo and his human, Donna, would do anything to help him deal with his senior doggo issues!

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