04Jan21: zoomies time…

Uh oh! I know that look. Andy’s zoomies are kicking in.

I better stay in my chair. This is serious!

Wow! Faster than a smartphone camera, Andy’s made the rounds at top speed and returned to the recliner! One of these days, I hope I catch him on video!

Someone’s adrenalin level’s still up!

Now what?

Yes, it’s Greenies time! (Hint! Hint!)


It’s a good thing Andy  knows how to amuse himself when I’m gone from home because today I have an appointment in Scottsbluff to have an angioplasty on my dialysis fistula. It  is a routine procedure anyone with one of these experiences periodically. It is done under anesthesia, is a procedure I’ve never had any problems with. Once again, my friend Terry has agreed to take me to the hospital, and I appreciate his willingness to do this! Unfortunately, I can’t drive myself because of the anesthesia. I will leave Andy well supplied with Greenies, kitty food (dry and wet), and water. Weather is supposed to be nice so he should get some good birdwatching done while I’m gone!

A year ago, Dougy (on left) and Andy watched birds out the back window where there is a fir tree and two apple trees that are very appealing to small birds of many species. For fans of the kitty boys who like the full Persian look, here you go! People who have Persian kitties know that look comes with lots of daily maintenance that neither Andy nor Dougy especially liked me to do. Mats are a chronic and tricky problem to do without upsetting the kitty boy.