26Jan21: lost “baby” pictures…of Andy and Dougy the kitty boys

Andy’s the kitten on the left, his first day at his new forever home. Being a baby cat, he already knew he was supposed to walk over keyboards and wipe out whatever I was working on at the time. LOL! He still does that if I’m not careful.

Dougy’s the kitten with his paw over my wrist. That was what he did until he grew too big for the spot by the computer just right for a kitty to stretch out next to his favorite human.

These photos are framed and hanging on my living room wall. I gave them to my mother to brighten up her care center room. At some point, someone put them away in a drawer in Mom’s room. I had no idea what happened to them.

After Mom died, I found these framed photos in her dresser in a drawer. It was a happy find because the photos had been in a computer file that became corrupted. They were the lost baby pictures of the kitty boys .