27Feb21: Andy’s multicolored pelage…

Andy isn’t a black cat. His colors vary through the whole range from white to black if viewed from the right angle!

The right light makes a difference, too. Notice how the part of his tummy in the shadow is black, but the rest of his tummy is shades of grey!

26Feb21: something old that’s new again…

What you don’t see in this photo is that Andy had returned to an old posture…

…of sleeping on his back! 

24Feb21: how they check Andy’s blood pressure…

If you check the bottom of Andy’s foot…

…you can see how the veterinarian technician trims a kitty’s foot so there is adequate contact with the cuff to get a proper blood pressure check on an animal. Then they take six or seven measurements, toss an outlier that is much higher or lower than the rest, averages the remaining numbers, and call that the blood pressure. 

No wonder Andy hates getting his blood pressure checked! 

23Feb21: more on Andy’s new favorite spot…

Great for a snooze!

What!? What!? What!? Andy sees it’s about to be…

…a great place to play “catch the mousies between the pages”! That can go on for several happy kitty minutes!

Then Andy can slowly take another snooze. Great spot, this! 

22Feb21: Andy’ new favorite spot…

After weeks of doing everything on the recliner footrest, Andy now…

…prefers underneath the footrest, where he’s managed to bring a couple magazines we use for kitty play.

Yes, pulling the fabric teaser wand toy string slowly under the top page or two of the magazine is very interesting to my little predator. (I’ll try to get a photo or video or two showing this.)

Andy catches some “zzz’s” under the recliner footrest, too. Kitty play is exhausting. (NB: No one actually gets to sit in the recliner these days because of concerns for Andy’s safety. Of course, these days of COVID-19, “no one” is just me!)

21Feb21: the surprise…

Andy and I had a very busy morning Friday. I put out the trash; Andy had a visit with his veterinarian for a follow-up blood pressure check; I took Andy home and gave him his chicken pâté with kitty medicine; I mailed a letter; I cashed a check at the bank; I bought a new pair of shoes to replace a pair that should have been replaced a year ago; I stopped by the sub shop for a lunch; I came home and started to eat when the doorbell rang; I opened the door and saw Andy’s groomer standing there!

“Didn’t you get my message?” Dodi, Andy’s groomer, asked. She offered to reschedule since there was either miscommunication or screwed up communication. I said it worked for me if she took care of Andy then, so she did!

The photo above is Andy post grooming. To my amazement, I learned Andy not only was a good kitty boy, his favorite part of the whole business is the bath! It definitely wasn’t his favorite activity when he was a poopy kitten. Then, he needed almost daily baths while he and his late brother Dougy suffered diarrhea that necessitated baths until they got over an internal parasite caused by eating a bad grasshopper. (Such a story!)

He’s part way in shade, of course. When he comes home from the groomer’s he always runs around the apartment and sniffs things to assure himself – I guess! – he’s in the right home.  (He is. I can tell because the vacuum still needs some work so the carpet is in less than pristine condition.)

Andy decided to pose nicely!

Of course, Andy wanted to get that perfumey soap smell off his fur, too.


All news out of Texas isn’t grim. Chris and Pam report the purchase of a generator earlier proved to be a blessing, and Pickles (above) is enjoying the bookcase! 

20Feb21: Get the mousie!

Andy’s searching for the mousie! What fate does it have?

There it is! (Does it “see” the kitty? Probably not. LOL!)

Pretty lame “hunting” there, kitty boy! I guess this game would be more interesting if we played it before breakfast!

The game continues, under the recliner. Andy’s not done, nor is the mousie!

19Feb21: “Not now, I’m busy…”

This is how Andy likes his “prey” – in a hidey hole!

On the other hand, he’s busy with important kitty boy business just now so buzz off, Doug.