21 thoughts on “30Jan21: walker…

  1. Great perch and it moves! What more could a kitty ask for? Shoko will not get on mine but Tyebe flings herself at in and scoots about the house with me. Kali would not let Shoko get on the walker when Shoko was a kitten and now that Kali has passed and Shoko is 12…..she still will not get on the walker. hehe


    • Dougy’s ottoman is the same for Andy. I have to cover it with a lapboard before he twill “trespass” on Dougy’s turf! Dougy liked to ride on the walker, but Andy is less comfortable doing it.

  2. Mornin’ Weggers!
    That is all at this time, although further cheery greetings from London, England cannot be ruled out at indeterminate intervals of your existence on this planet of ours!

    • Similarly, this being a dull place where the pandemic further deadens the senses, you can expect some interference at your end!

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