06Feb21: What’s up, Andrew?

Andy’s hiding under the recliner…!

Sneak peeking, Andy? (Seems so!)


Roadtirement suggested cropping the second photo for this unique portrait. I didn’t think it would be interesting since the camera decided the recliner mechanism was the subject, leaving wee Andrew a bity unfocused. I don’t know why exactly, but I think Roadtirement’s suggestion actually works!

28 thoughts on “06Feb21: What’s up, Andrew?

    • Of course not! As everyone knows, cats can make themselves completely invisible by various means, even just closing their eyes! LOL!

  1. Andy has his private moments too! These are the places for deep thoughts to slither fprth…leave him be. So much to plan and so little time. Now, how can I get dad to give me a treat? Where are the treats? mol


    • The other day, he accidentally (“accidentally”?) opened the Greenies container by knocking the lid off. I had to work out a better place to keep the treats!

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