05Feb21: origins…more videos


Yeah, they were adorable as kittens and they played well together!

The first time the kitty boys knocked over the wastepaper basket I was scandalized! “Kitties don’t get in the trash!” I protested. Oh yeah?! 

I have to watch Andy closely because he will try to eat inappropriate things. Dougy was this way, too. 

Being greeted at the door by the kitty boys was – and still is now with just Andy – a charming ritual.

30 thoughts on “05Feb21: origins…more videos

  1. Mom is chuckling ’cause just before seeing this post, she heard me nibbling on a plastic popcorn wrapper that Dad left out on the table. She, of course, took it away from me.

    Thanks so-o very much for sharing that video of Andy and Dougy as kittens playing, ’cause Mom never got to see me as a kitten.

    • It was extremely rare, but the kitty boys did get into fights where I had to intervene. After the intervention, they were best buddies again.

    • They help remind how Andy and Dougy were together post Momma because they played well together and the person who gave me one convinced me to take the second one using that fact.

    • I don’t understand it either. All I know is I have to be aware of the interest because the late Dougy and Andy could/can be counted on to get into it.

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