08Feb21: Andy’s getting tired of this “joke”!

Hey, Andy! [Squeak! Squeak!]

“Mousie. Yeah, it was funny yesterday, but…

…this joke is a bit tiresome, Doug.”

“I’m playing along because it amuses you, but…

…you must think I’m an idiot!”

[Andy decided he won’t play along next time. Stupid human!]

23 thoughts on “08Feb21: Andy’s getting tired of this “joke”!

    • Andy is into mousies When I fix meals, he insists on checking the cabinets in the kitchen for mousies. Of course, there are none, so I praise him for being such a good kitty, which he love, love, loves!

    • Quite possible! It is a really old toy that goes back to when Andy and Dougy were still kittens. I came across it recently, and decided to see if Andy responded to it again. What I like about it is it actually hops and moves around somewhat like a real mouse and is about the right size to be a real mouse.

    • This mouse was a kittenhood most favorite toy till Andy and Dougy got bored with it. It’s been years since I brought it out again.

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