Post 2167: One Kool Kat!

Andy enjoys a bit of warmth from the lamp on his end table.


His “precious” must need cleaning again…

Lick! Lick! “Don’t wear it out, Andrew!” (Hee! Hee! Andy hates it when I tease him about this!)

A little public television:  Andy watches intently, periodically looking back at me to see if I’m sleeping! He enjoys the program and he gives me blinky eyes!


All that educating wears my kitty boy out. Then…


…Doug watches a program about Miles Davis, one of his favorite jazz musicians. Andy becomes very interested in the program, to Doug’s amazement. He seems to be especially interested in Davis’ “Bitches Brew”…


…which makes him one Kool Kat!










4 thoughts on “Post 2167: One Kool Kat!

    • I watched a French noir film over the weekend (for the third or fourth time, it’s that good!) that featured a minimalist Miles Davis music track made when he wasn’t quite as famous made by Louie Malle when he was just starting, too. Wow! Two of my favorite creative people combined in one film! Plus the story is a good one – “Elevator to the Gallows”, highly recommended!

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