07Mar21: my ice I told Andy…myice…mice Andy heard…mine Andy decided but he had to investigate first…

What’s up?

Never mind I put a piece of ice on the lapboard for Andy, he was more interested in the glass of ice and water I set down on the end table. I had a heck of a time deciding which was more important, a video or photos for this blog or keeping kitty mouth and tongue out of my ice water! It was a close one! I eventually set the glass down on the floor, which was sufficient to give me a bit of time to divert Andy’s attention elsewhere.

It was really warm in the apartment, and I needed to cool down. I also put some water and ice in a kitty water and food bowl in the kitchen but I made the unforgiveable mistake of putting it in the right part, not Andy’s preferred left side. He wouldn’t have anything to do with it until I turned the dang thing around so the ice and cold water were on the left side. Cats!