11Mar21: wrong end of the pole…

The mouse toy is on the same pole as a Birbug dragonfly toy. When one isn’t amusing to Andy, I wrap it up on the end and unfurl the other. So…Andy notices the dragonfly when we were playing with the mouse, and he hops over to play with it.

He decided he really wanted to play with the mouse after all. 



Sad day for my family. We just learned Marijean (far left in the photo) died on the 19th of November 2020. She would have turned 83 today, March 11th, her birthday. She was a quiet, pleasant, thoughtful person who had some hard times in her life. That makes me sad. She should have had the best of all possible lives for all she did for others.

The photo is one taken in front of the old family home. It’s only late in life one realizes how few group photos of the family exist. That’s me next to Marijean, with the neighbor’s pug (Ladybelle), my sister Kathy with my Grandmother McKenzie’s dog (Laddie), and our late brother Dick. Barely seen in front of Dick, Peanuts, my childhood dog.

Marijean was a great cook, a loving sister. She was creative, always drawing happy suns, flowers, and other things on the envelopes she used to mail letters to family and friends. Many times, she created greetings cards, too. It was a pleasure to get these bits of art from her in the mail!

Kathy and I will miss her very much. She was the oldest of our siblings.