20Mar21: Hands on Bowie & Jimi…

One of Andy and my favorite blogs is a Belgian blog, Hands on Bowie & Jimi https://hopedog.wordpress.com/

In a nod to this favorite, Andy goes black & white today!

We fans of this blog miss Mr. Bowie, yet Jimi is doing a fine job of stepping in for him. I recommend you take a look at this blog. So does Andy! 


Happy First Day of Spring! Here in Nebraska, we can look forward to more frost and snow, but more and more, the snow will include rain. Eventually, warm weather will take over from cool and cold, but it still is possible for snow into May here!

Two days from now, yours truly has a birthday. In this, the COVID era, I plan…to stay home and do nothing in particular but avoid people. LOL! Andy and I might have a little celebration. If we get really rough, I’ll rub his fur the wrong way and see if it’s true that cats don’t like it. (Oops! Andy heard me think, and he notes we will not experiment with his fur on March 22nd or any day soon!)