27Mar21: Turkish delight!

One of Andy and my favorite videos is a Turkish documentary about seven cats of Istanbul, Kedi. The Turks, it turns out,  are very much kitty lovers, and Andy and I wish we could go to Istanbul to enjoy their kitty cat culture and meet the stars of this video!

Short of a jet trip to Istanbul, there is a Turkish blogger friend I follow for her sensitive and loving photos of her cats and those that frequent her yard, nia.

“when it snowed”

The kitties attracted me to Nia’s photography, but that is only part of the charm of her blog. You also get to see modern Istanbul, rural Turkey, Ottoman-era architecture, nature, and any and everything this lovely person finds interesting through her excellent photos. 


Here’s a “sample” post about her cat İbiş:

Little Monster or Little Big Panther? ‹ photographyofnia ‹ Reader — WordPress.com 

Cat people will recognize the charms and characteristics of cats are universal when they read about İbiş. Nia’s description of the difficulties trying to photograph her cat are familiar, as are other things İbiş does that vex and intrigue “People of the Cats”. LOL!