13apr21: relaxation video for kitties…

I found a YouTube video that supposedly puts your kitty to sleep in five minutes.

Naturally, I tried it on Andy. He took longer than five minutes, but…Β 

…he slowly succumbed…

…to the soft purr and music.

I confess! It works on humans, too! Try it on your cats and let me know how it went.

24 thoughts on “13apr21: relaxation video for kitties…

  1. Andy is such a “chill cat,” as the youths would say. πŸ˜€ He always looks relaxed and assured of his head of household status!

    Re the video, I got sleepy before Sunny did! She’s kind of a hardcore case: she likes sleeping all afternoon and early evening, then pops awake around 9 p.m. for dinner. She doesn’t seem impressed by seeing other cats on the screen, unless they’re yowling or fighting, though she got excited hearing a litter of newborn kittens meow. (I don’t know if she’s ever been a mother. She arrived on my doorstep spayed with her ear clipped, meaning she was picked up by a trap, spay and release program. Which saddens me, since she’s too nice a cat to be an actual feral.)

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