28Aug21: Louie came first…

I thought Louie was a female, so named “her” Lucy, after Lucille Ball. “She” arrived at the apartment in a carrier, and immediately walked around the apartment, opening all the cabinets and making the place “hers”.

When I took “Lucy” to the veterinarian’s to be spayed, the veterinarian technician picked “her” up and noted “she” was a neutered male! LOL! At that same time, the receptionist asked me for “her” name for their file. Quickly, I came up with “Louie”, after Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, another Kool Kat! His new name fit, despite the haste with which I renamed him.

29 thoughts on “28Aug21: Louie came first…

    • Yes, Louie was a very handsome cat! Lucy v. Louie. That was somewhat the idea, though it happened so fast – the need for a male name – it must have happened at the subconscious level.

  1. LOL at the gender confusion! Though a vet told me, after she announced our pomerpoo puppy was a he, not a she, that “animals don’t care what you call them, as long as you’re kind and giving them food.” Lucy/Lucille would be a great name for a ginger tabby, but I bet Louie loved being called by his dad. What a sweet post! 🙂

    • I recall seeing/reading someone else’s account about missing a vital clue about their pet’s sex, so it happens! Either way, either name, would have worked for this particular cat.

  2. Years ago I had a cat Mookie who I thought was a girl. Even the vet thought so. Got a call on the day of spaying and was told he would be neutered. We both had a laugh. Went from calling him CG short for Cow Girl (with his black spots he resembled a cow) to Mookie.

    • LOL! There are a lot more of us people who need some instruction on sexing cats, I guess! Mookie’s a great kitty boy name, but CG would’ve been, too.

    • A friend of mine (Patricia) applied to the state university’s engineering school in the mid 1960s, writing her name “Pat” since that’s how she went by on a daily basis. She was accepted because they thought she was a male. When they learned her full name was “Patricia, they rescinded the acceptance letter because “girls can’t become engineers”! She was very much capable of that – extremely competent in maths and a incisive, enquiring mind – so male ignorance in the 1960s of the potential of half the population denied the world a fine engineer. She did, however, become very successful at her job because she picked up on the company engineers’ errors or misunderstandings about processes in the factory, and saved them the embarrassments those would have caused them. It was a pleasure to work with her because I learned to appreciate just how amazing women can be. I was a bit of a chauvinist pig prior to work with her, a product of my times!

  3. Haha, when Rambo turned up at our house we also thought he was a girl! A lady who thought he might be her missing cat came to look at him, and she looked up his rear end and said, “She’s definitely a female”. So we named him, erm, Sarah.

      • What’s the matter with all of us? We each care references to sex (boy/girl) with us. LOL! Sarah as Rambo would have been like Supergirl or Wonder Woman as a cat, I suppose, but Sarah is a sweet kitty girl name, and I hope she was a sweet kitty.

        • I’m having a problem keeping Rambo’s sex straight “on paper” as well. LOL! Anyway, Rambo sounds like a wonderful kitty boy name, given the high energy kitties have and the ornery nature of the beast. LOL!

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