31May21: Andy still finds ’em scary!

“Hey, Andy!”

Once I get his attention, I point out the new block formation…

…on the end table.

Andy doesn’t react, so I knock it down to see if it interests him then. Nope!

But when I set up this small line, he comes closer.

Too much! He hops back onto the ottoman.

Tempted, but wary…

…he doesn’t budge from the ottoman.

He looks to me for reassurance.

So close but no cigar!

So I knock it down. After a short look, Andy runs off. These blocks are taking lots of time for Andy to accept!

15 thoughts on “31May21: Andy still finds ’em scary!

    • The lapboard would be ideal for that! Of course, I am physically limited in what is possible, so a better place for me would be the dining room table. Of course, that disinfection needs since kitty paws and butts are, well, kitty paws and butts!

    • I have a fan going most of the time behind the ottoman, and the blowing air is strong enough it blows the blocks over. I know – turn it off! I’m one of those people who needs to have a fan on to feel comfortable, mostly for the breeze not any cooling effect. I know! Turning it off for a little while won’t kill you! Andy spends most of his time this time of year by the open door – he likes the breeze, which brings in sounds and scents, not to mention the occasional tuxedo neighbor kitty. I would wait for a long time without a fan before he came around. Incidentally, the places he likes best are the ones where the fan’s output is strongest – he likes the moving air, too! That said, he would probably knock them over just hopping onto the lapboard on the ottoman since the ottoman has a slightly rounded top, of course, and the lapboard moves a lot when Andy gets on the edge to get on it.

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