Louie the ginger cat…

Louie died ten years ago today. He was a sweet, smart kitty boy.

A new Zealand friend took a photo of Louie sleeping on my computer chair and turned Louie into Captain Me-Ow. It was strangely appropriate. Louie was a super cat!

Louie was a shelter cat. I only had him 22 months before he died of lymphoma.

When I picked up Louie’s ashes, one of the veterinary technicians who raised pedigree kitties offered me Andy. Later, knowing I wanted a companion for Andy, she offered me Dougy.

Though I was pleased to have the kittens, I never forgot Louie. Every August 1st, Louie memories fill my day.


30 thoughts on “Louie the ginger cat…

  1. Louie was a very beautiful boy! I know you still cherish him deep in your heart. Glad you had some good time together even if it was too short.

  2. We wish you and Louie could have had more time together, but her certainly knew he was loved. Those Ginger Boys are great !

  3. What a handsome fellow he was… it matters not how many years have passed, still we miss them.. that never changes… I’m so happy you shared, even if too short, wonderful time together. You are a loving caretaker to your little ones.

  4. A friend for a short time, remembered for a lifetime. Louie was a wonderful cat, and a handsome kitty boy, Doug. You have made a beautiful memorial to him here, and he is included in Elbert’s Garden, too.

  5. Louie was a beautiful cat, Doug. I know you miss him, I still miss all of ours who have gone “to the Bridge”. The memories are sweet, but we miss them. Purrs.

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