Post 1302: …and there is that one spot!

Andy has one spot that I love to scratch. He arches his back and wraps his tail around my arm and hand to let me know when I’ve located it!


Oh, yeah! That’s the spot! Before a moment passes, Andy will pet my hand and arm with his tail, and his cute little butt will point up in the air! My job is done.

Post 1242: Andy in repose…

I caught Andy early on today and gave him his medicine. Later, after the sun came up, Dougy and I played wand toy games, but Andy wandered off somewhere. My curiosity got the better of me. Where is that little guy now?


Dougy wanted to know where Andy was, too, and he followed me in my search.

Dougy wants to know where Andy is,  too, and he follows me in my search.

There he is! Andy! Ain't he "purrty"?

There he is! Andy! Ain’t he “purrty”?

Yeah, looks like a boy cat with all that lint and dirt on his mug! That’s one of the hassles about being a Persian kitty, though: lots of static electricity in your fur this time of year! (Looks like I need to do some vacuuming in the guest bedroom….)

I woke him up in his sink nest, so I "scritched" his ears and rubbed that yummy spot in between his eyes!

I wake him up in his sink nest, so I “scritch” his ears and rub that yummy spot in between his eyes!

That was fun! I get to wake up a kitty! Andy is confused. Was he happy to get “scritched” and rubbed or not? I think so!



Post 1237: a presence hovering above…

I expect it, but guests sitting in the recliner need to be warned of the possibilities for a presence hovering above their heads.

One of them – little devil – likes to pat your head, usually with his claws out just a tiny bit. Ouch!



Andy’s over my head. I expect it! (Plus, I’ve been “clawed” before so know how to handle him.)



You stick your hand up to his face and either rub his whiskers or let him sniff your fingers.

Of course, photographing this awkward moment involves some acrobatics on my part to get poorly-focused photos, but you get the idea! Keep it the strategy in mind in case you ever visit us! 

Post 1235: The real Kool Kat! And how he spends Caturday…

You saw what Dougy’s reaction was when Andy surprised him yesterday…! Yeah, and he thought he was cool! Maybe you did, too.

There is a cool cat in the family. Andy. Yes, quiet little Andy!


Andy watches the scene from the recliner.

Andy surveys his domain..

Andy watches the scene from the recliner till he gets tired!

Starting to get a bit tired…. Dougy’s nowhere to be seen, yet!

The better to surprise Dougy!

The better to surprise Dougy!

Whew! He moves to the seat, which is a cozy, warm spot both kitty boys love.

Whew! He moves to the seat, which is a cozy, warm spot both kitty boys love.

Yes, warm and cozy as in "stretch out and get ready for a snooze"!

Yes, warm and cozy as in “stretch out and get ready for a snooze”! Dougy can wait.

Post 1224: guess he told me…!

What can I say? I know Dougy is very possessive of the stupid ottoman, yet I regularly upset him by transgressing in ways only he understands!

As best I can tell, the transgression this time was I put his kitty toy down on the ottoman for a moment so I could change channels on the television. Ooops! Kitty boy is really upset!


Dougy rips at the ottoman with his “Ferocious Terroristic Mad Claws of Death, Destruction, and Retribution”. Yes, I forgot and dared intrude on his space!112816 dougy says my ottoman use me.jpg

Dougy uses his claws to signal other moods or concerns. You may remember this photo where he tries to get me to side with him in a dispute over the recliner between Dougy and Andy. That time is was his “Pathetic Pleading Paws of Petulant Pouty Pettiness” in action!IMG_20161009_160548.jpg

(Hmm. Looks like that was before I did some vacuuming….! So it goes.)

Then there was this time. Dougy wanted to make the point that he could do what he wanted, whenever he wanted. Eventually, he destroyed that settee and it went to the landfill. Naughty cat! That time he used his “Nasty Naughty Pointy Toes of Perpetual Persian Insolence.” Most effective!dougy2_edited-2

Oh, the naughty behavior goes back to the beginning! I tried, but I was a terrible kitty father, and didn’t bend that twig well or hard enough to get the result I wanted! 

A video of the juvenile delinquent in making…

Post 1223: Andy hits the N-state…

Yesterday, you learned about Ms. Zulu’s prescription for your well being and being in your best form. Today, I’m showing you how Andy prepares to get to that desired state.

Just because the concept came from a doggy doesn’t mean it lacks credibility! At least, that’s what Andy thinks, and, since he’s a cat, I agree with it, too! 


What does the N-state look like? Here’s an animation of Andy once he hit it.20161127_121938-animation

Andy feels sleepy…112916-andys-sleepy

…it’s written on his face.112916-candys-nearly-asleep

How he plans to sleep in this position is anyone’s guess. Gad!112916-gad-how-does-andy-sleep-in-that-position

Sleep, blissful sleep….112916-andy-in-z-zone

Getting closer to the N-state…!112916-andy-zoning-out

Is he there…?112916-deep-sleep-for-andy

Could be….112916-andy-fully-zoned

Full fetal…. Yep! He’s there! Could call it the ZZZ-state just as well.112916-andy-goes-fetal

Wow! Ms. Zulu is really onto something here! Look at how blissed out our little kitty bud is!  Can’t wait to post this on the Internet!img_20161127_120024

Post 1221: details need attended to…

I confess to laziness now that I’m retired, a state (the laziness) that perpetuates itself because I don’t have anyone living with me to nag about the unread magazines, the vacuum cleaner I haven’t moved in days from the spot where I stopped vacuuming, and the inertia that comes as an after effect of dialysis, which sometimes leaves me drained, my built-in excuse! Regardless, details need attended to, laziness must be overcome. Here are a few details that need attended to now, details I can’t ignore.


The kitty boys’ groomer schedules them a year in advance. I got the 2017 schedule when I took them in last Monday. (Dougy’s name isn’t spelled with an “ie” on the end, but with a “y”,the way I spelled it when I was a kid.) I need to transfer this information to a virtual Post-It note on my computer because I invariably misplace the schedule I get from the groomer! 112616-andy-and-dougys-grooming-schedule

My dialysis nurses have difficulty locating the dialysis fistula on the top end because it takes a turn, then a deep dive. The arrow is a direction reminder: “Hold the needle at this angle to the fistula.” If they don’t, the needle won’t reach the fistula, and it takes lots of poking to locate it. Ick! I need to avoid washing this direction finder off my arm between Friday’s dialysis session and Monday! (Maybe I need a tattoo….)112616-fistula-direction

My photo files are outrageously large. Every kitty photo — yes, most of my photo files are kitty photos! — I’ve ever taken seems to be there, and many are crapo photos that are beyond redemption. I keep them just the same. Here’s one that is a lovely pose of Dougy, but a crapo photo for exposure and potential for a fix. I need to get off my butt…um, get on my butt?… and sort through and delete the crapo photos in my files and save just those that are good. See what I mean about crapo?  (Left side = crapo original; right side = crapo attempt to save the photo through manipulation)

Post 1220: cleaning up…

Dougy and Andy spend lots of valuable waking time getting cleaned up. Here is a short animation of Dougy’s recliner session today:



Post 1208: …of course, Funday follows Caturday!

Andy has his way of having fun, and Dougy has his. He is insistent, in fact, that I stop everything to serve His Majesty’s whims. His kitty whine is killer, so I bow before he gets started!


Sometimes I start before Dougy is ready. (My way of smarting off to my kitty!)111116-dougy-on-recliner-with-toy-on-him

But Dougy ignores my snottiness and gets his kitty on!111116-dougy-sees-toy

Post 1205: Serena the Bombay cat

Those of you have been around for longer than six months may remember my friend Deborah and her adventure taking her three Bombay cats to Paris.  She told me sad news about one of those cats, Serena. Deborah gave me permission to post this remembrance to her poor kitty:



Thanks for asking, Doug. That would be a nice memorial to her.

I have had a few bad days of it. Serena was throwing up all weekend (with no emergency vets nearby) Long story short, she had to be euthanized Monday at  age  8; throwing up was the only symptom of an incurable disease.


Serena and Charles

 It left a hole in the family unit and Charles is very upset. He keeps going upstairs to look for her — she spent most days on my bed since the weather got colder. [Deborah lives in New England.] I was in shock: she had never been a really healthy cat but had never appeared seriously ill.

She was a very quiet cat. She loved sitting in the sunlight and bird watching. And her half brother had a real love/hate relationship with her.


Serena (behind Charles) by the door. André on the left.

Could you mention that she was part of the trio who went to Paris, really enjoyed French cat food, and Volvic mineral water, and that she is greatly missed?  In a world of big personalities, she was a very private, self contained cat who found pleasure in the simpler things in life.

RIP poor Serena. In your short life you were loved and brought joy. You even visited Paris.

Deborah, your note reminded me of the night my Louie the ginger cat died, and how he, too, vomited but showed no other evidence of the lymphoma that took his life. Hugs from a friend who understands how this loss feels.