12Sep21: “Stop looking at me!”

Andy noticed…

…me taking his photo.

“Stop looking at me!”

Can’t help it, Andy. You look too cute sleeping like that.



09Sep21: the right prey…

Andy let me know he wanted some excitement, a kitty video.

Mousie amused him a bit.

Birdies were more exciting because they made birdie sounds.

But the string…

…the string got Andy all wound up! RAWR!


08Sep21: the last of Louie videos…

I was fascinated with Louie’s tail….

Louie sent TACO away from Louie’s backyard!

This is the color version of the previous video. There is only one video of Louie left. I’ve never been able to watch it because it is one I made the night Louie died. I tried to get an emergency visit to his veterinarian. Failing that – the emergency veterinarian was on another emergency in the country – I made this unseen video to show his veterinarian when I finally got him in to the clinic. He die later than night, August 1, 2011, and I would find him in his favorite “hidey hole”, the dryer. I can’t imagine how he found the strength to get up there, but… Later, I made this next video for the children of a German friend. It is a little story with a moral since it is for children:

A story for children, featuring Louie and the neighborhood tuxedo cats….

07Sep21: “artsy” experiments and Louie at play…

The apple trees in the backyard are attractive to birds, cats, and people!

I was exploring the possibilities of the editor this time.

I forgot about this toy. Louie was a string kitty when it came to play.

05Sep21: including a long Louie walk video….

After Louie died, I was thankful I had this short video where he “meowed” at me.

I didn’t usually make Louie wear his collar inside, but he did require one when he was outside.

This is a long video of a walk Louie took around the compound. 


Oops! I accidentally posted this on the first of September. I post it again on  the intended day, today, the fifth of September, though 38 people already saw it and many of you commented.

31Aug21: more Louie the ginger cat…

I tried putting a leash on Louie. He was out of it practically before I put him down! It worked out, though. Louie and I took walks around the compound. If you’ve never walked a cat, try it! 

Louie’s tail wasn’t “floofy” like Andy’s, but it fascinated me just the same.