22Nov21: retro kitties and me…

This blurry photo, taken with my webcam, is the sole photo I have of my first kitty, Freckles. Freckles was a really sweet kitty girl that died at the veterinarian clinic after being spayed. 

Andy was ugly-cute as an eight-week-old kitten! 

This was my header photo “back then”.

“Skritch” my tummy! Andy taunts me in this photo when he was a young kitty boy.

“Take my ‘nip, Kat Boy!” I can tease back!

The late Dougy always had a fascination for snow…. 

Dougy’s sense of adventure got him into a mess once. While I held the door open long enough to check the amount of snow that fell, he slipped out. I didn’t realize he’d gotten out until I got back from dialysis several hours later. He was found not too far from home, hiding behind a snow drift. He was very happy to get back inside! I was afraid he was gone forever.

Louie got in my way, but isn’t that a cat’s job!?

Louie was a really good kitty boy, mostly!