22Nov21: retro kitties and me…

This blurry photo, taken with my webcam, is the sole photo I have of my first kitty, Freckles. Freckles was a really sweet kitty girl that died at the veterinarian clinic after being spayed. 

Andy was ugly-cute as an eight-week-old kitten! 

This was my header photo “back then”.

“Skritch” my tummy! Andy taunts me in this photo when he was a young kitty boy.

“Take my ‘nip, Kat Boy!” I can tease back!

The late Dougy always had a fascination for snow…. 

Dougy’s sense of adventure got him into a mess once. While I held the door open long enough to check the amount of snow that fell, he slipped out. I didn’t realize he’d gotten out until I got back from dialysis several hours later. He was found not too far from home, hiding behind a snow drift. He was very happy to get back inside! I was afraid he was gone forever.

Louie got in my way, but isn’t that a cat’s job!?

Louie was a really good kitty boy, mostly!

16 thoughts on “22Nov21: retro kitties and me…

  1. That is a beautiful photo of freckles, and a sweet assortment of kitty memories. I remember that photo of you with the ceiling fan behind he head. It looks like antennae in the picture, like Uncle Martin from “My Favorite Martian”. 🙂

    • Kitties are my passion, but I basically love all animals, Michel! Horses are magnificent, intelligent animals I’ve always admired and loved, too. Dogs – if I didn’t live in an apartment and be concerned a dog (dogs!) would be a barking nuisance for neighbors, I’d love to have one or two. It was because of this concern that I got my first ever cat – Freckles – in 2009, then my second one – Louie – a short time later.

  2. I don’t recall seeing that one header photo of you with the “bunny ears,” lol. (Or Kitty ears?) I have a couple of photos of me with “accidental props,” like the one where I look like a redwood tree is growing out of my head.

    How awful about Freckles! I’m shocked that this happened during a routine procedure. I hope you and Andy never have to deal with anything like that.

    • Yes, these accidental happenings can make interesting photos! That webcam photo was somewhat planned, but the possibility of giving myself horns was noticed when I held the camera a certain way. It appealed to my sick sense of humor!

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