15Nov21: …and now to clean up!

Andy just finished his prescription chicken pâté kitty food.

…Now it’s time to… 

…clean up!


Andy’s Hill’s® Prescription Diet® k/d® Kidney Care chicken pâté kitty food is made in Australia, according to the label. Must have better chickens in Australia. Older Persians tend to have more kidney issues, and the prescription chicken pâté kitty food was prescribed to help prevent these issues in Andy.

It actually smells good enough to eat and Andy love, love, loves it. It’s a good thing, too, since it comes in at US$2.37 per 5.5 ounces/ 156 grams. I divide it out into six or seven servings – one can lasts a couple days or so – since Andy also gets too many Greenies™ treats at two calories each and a Royal Canin® dry kitty food that is formulated for and made into a shape suitable for Persians.

I add a little water to the wet food to make it into a slurry that’s a bit easier for Andy to eat and I zap it in the microwave for seven seconds to take the cold off the food after it’s been refrigerated.

Before Andy eats, he expects me to open the kitchen cabinet doors for his “mousie inspection tour”. He prances back and forth. I tell him what a fine kitty boy he is and how there are no mousies thanks to him! I stroke his back, rub his head and face, and “scritch” his chest and underside of his neck when he stops during his prancing, and I feel his low purr in my finger tips.

He also gets kitty grass and home-grown catnip, which makes him a happy kitty boy! 

Is Andrew a spoiled and pampered kitty boy? I confess: Yes!