27 thoughts on “11Dec21: Caturday’s Andy’s rest day…

        • So Barmalei and Beba are littermates? I must have missed that in you posts if that’s the case. Andy and Dougy made a big advocate of getting littermates when opossible.

          • It just happened. We went to that rescue agency to meet Barmalei who was 4 weeks old at the time but still “majestic,” as my husband called him. Next to him on the foster kitty mother’s bed was a tiny black and white furball. My husband picked it up, and it opened one sleepy eye and licked him on the nose. And he declared, “I am not letting this one go.” So we adopted both. Barmalei has always been very protective of his sister, while Beba is somewhat less than intelligent. We always say that she is so pretty that she doesn’t need to be smart. Even her name is short for Bella – the beauty. Barmalei is a Russian boogieman; he is all black, slick, elegant, and extremely intelligent.

          • I think I’m the one with a red face, Dolly! Anyway, no one’s kicking anyone else in the face now – I changed it.

          • My December 20th post headline was autocorrected on the Reader from Ho! Ho! Ho! to something like I’m Home! I’m Home! I’m Home! It appeared correctly on Facebook and when you pulled it up but autocorrected in that one spot alone! I just checked, and it returned to the real headline since yesterday.

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