16Dec21: an important moment on Beethoven’s birthday….

Andy stopped by to remind me of an important fact, namely, he wants Greenies treats because he’s a good kitty.

(Yes, I gave him his treats because, yes, he’s a good kitty!)


Ludwig van Beethoven turns 251 years old today and is holding up really well!

The birth date of Beethoven – Popular Beethoven

17 thoughts on “16Dec21: an important moment on Beethoven’s birthday….

    • He lives with a person who enjoys Baroque opera, including Lully and Rameau among your country’s contribution to the art. (I love Charpentier, though he didn’t compose operas as such) Delibes’ “Lakme” is quite enjoyable, too. Gluck, while not French, wrote works I enjoy that were sung in French. Anyway, Beethoven and Mozart were among me earliest exposure to the music of their periods, thanks to a musical sister.

      • You have a musician ‘s soul, Doug .
        At reading what you write I would become nostalgic because I played flute or sang piece of the musicians you quote , . It was in the past!
        Perhaps you play music instruments?
        I am amazed too by the place of the French musicians in your heart.
        In friendship

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