15Feb23: the defiant Andy…

Andy finished his kitty food, then stopped by.

Uh oh! Andy’s giving me the look!

“Try to stop me, human!”

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!

No one gets between Andy and his precious! No one!


The 62nd mass shooting since January1st happened in the USA on the 13th. It’s well past time for those axxxxxxx in Congress to recognize they are the problem and they can work out the solutions. 


Andy didn’t greet me when I got home from dialysis, something I count on. I looked all over the apartment, even sweeping under the guest room bed with my walking stick on the chance he was sleeping under the bed. No kitty! I got a little panicked.

The time Dougy went missing passed through my thoughts – he’d slipped past me when I was holding the door open to check how much snow we got that night. It wouldn’t be like Andy to go outside, yet anything is possible.

I made another check through the apartment, then thought to check the bottom carrier in the stack by the recliner. Yes! That’s where the little darling was! I don’t recall him ever going in that carrier since he usually uses the top one for his quiet times.

21 thoughts on “15Feb23: the defiant Andy…

  1. Do you carry an information in your wallet with you, that there is a pet in your home? Just in case something hapoens to you on the way to or from your dialysis or at it and you were not in a state to tell anybody to go and look for him?

    • Yes, and there re tags on my keys indicating this. Plus, many people know I have Andy, including all the dialysis staff, the one group of people who’d be first (most likely) to miss me if I didn’t show up.

    • Yes, it was especially concerning because I also feed him when I get back from dialysis. He’s a chow hound, so I became especially concerned when he didn’t show up for his kitty food.

  2. Glad you found Andy okay! I feel the same way if I can find a cat. I like to know where they’re all at, always. It’s horrible about the shootings. What we have today is NOT a “well-regulated militia”.

    • Exactly! Andy has no experience outside the apartment. There are two major roads nearby and other hazards he wouldn’t understand.

    • I got close to getting into my car to see if I could find him outside. Looking in the spot where I ultimately found him was a last thought on where he might be. It was a new spot for him as far as I know.

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